Thank you members of The Brooklyn Links Chapter for a successful 2019 fundraiser. Special thanks to committee leaders…

Invitation Committee- Link Leslie Hayes  and Link Thomasena Ellison Clark

Journal Committee- Link Muriel Goode-Trufant and Link Toni Lamb

Fundraising Committee (Raffle/50-50/Text-to-Give)- Link Aisha I. Greene, Link Mary-Lynn Stanton, Link Depelsha McGruder

Community Outreach Committee-Link Monique J., Link Depelsha McGruder, Link Bernel Grier,  and Link Gay Bullock

Corporate Outreach Committee- Link Toni Yule Williams and Link Monique N.

Music Committee-Link Patricia Ramsuer and Link Gay Bullock

Decorations Committee- Link Carla Brown and Link Lu-Shawn Thompson

Hostess Committee-Link Theresa Manning and Link Cheryl Lewis Smith

Photography Committee-Link Nikki Bethel Grant and Link Monique Nwachuku

Webpage Committee-Link Kitrena DuBose and Link Gay Bullock

Publicity Committee-Link Carla Brown

Finance Committee- Link Kitrena DuBose Foster, Link Dee Nelson and Link Bernel Grier